Torre Isozaki, Milan

A new business- and residential district is being developed as part of the CityLife project in Milan in whose centre can be found three new icons: Arata Isozaki's Torre Isozaki, Zaha Hadid's Torre Hadid and Daniel Libeskind's Torre Libeskind. They are popularly referred to by the locals as "the upright", "the crooked" and "the hunchback".
At 216 m, Torre Isozaki will be one of the tallest buildings in Italy. This sustainable building puts to the test the green approach of the whole CityLife project as a pedestrian-only, zero-emission zone. The tower is designed for maximum energy efficiency and occupies an area of 170,000 m² in the public CityLife Park. With 53 storeys (including basements), of which 46 are offices, the Torre Isozaki has a total area of 53,000 m² and workplaces for up to 3,800 people.

The use of the Egcodorn has avoided a lot of formwork in the expansion joint area. The unique corrosion-protection system and the use of high quality materials guarantee maximum safety. FRANK provided earthquake-load verification services for the project. To absorb the major longitudinal and lateral movements which occur in the event of an earthquake, special mandrels were designed and made specifically for this project.



Arata Isozaki
Colombo Construzioni