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Max Frank – almost 50 years experience of reinforced concrete construction

For almost 50 years, Max Frank GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered at Leiblfing in Bavaria and managed by the second generation of the Frank family, has designed, manufactured and sold technologically based products and services for the construction industry. The company’s product range: spacers, formwork technologies, reinforcement technologies, sealing technologies and sound insulation.

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  • Application movie crack repair in reinforced concrete

    This instructional video deals with sealing and filling cracks in concrete structures. The proper use of screw packers and injection resin in order to heal and/or seal cracked concrete is explained in a step-by-step process. All necessary tools and grouting materials, the packer installation itself, the injection procedure and clean-up are presented in this film.
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  • Cresco® GR Expanding Waterstop

    The Cresco® range of expanding waterstops is used for effective sealing of construction joints. Application areas are varied and include: Sealing of wall/slab joints, pipe penetrations, and anywhere where new and old concrete are joined
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  • Zemdrain® used in French Polynesia

    Zemdrain® formwork liner for high quality durable and blemish free concrete surfaces. The formwork liner efficiently protects the concrete core from attack by aggressive elements.
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